Anova Electrical Pty Ltd Directors, Andrew Palmer, Paul Hadenfeldt and Chris Morley established the Port Melbourne based company in April 2012.
The company currently employs 72 people consisting of 50 qualified electricians, 15 apprentices, 4 Project Mangers, 2 Estimator and 3 other office staff.  Anova provides electrical and data communication contracting services to both corporate and domestic clients throughout Victoria.
Anova Electricals project delivery enterprises strongly focused on providing a wide range of design, implementation and maintenance services within Victoria’s building and construction and office fit-out industries.

Anovas focus as a contracting and service enterprise is to provide the expertise required in designing, supplying, installing and maintaining a wide range of building utility services including electrical and communications services.

These building services cover a comprehensive range of electrical infrastructure, building controls, energy management systems, security, voice and data networking systems and structured cabling systems.

Another feature of our service delivery capabilities is our post project maintenance and service programs that work to protect our client’s ongoing investment well into the future. These maintenance and service programs are tailored specifically to service each client’s specific set of requirements.

With working to a reputation for delivering both small and large projects on time, within budget and a level of customer satisfaction second to none. Our ability to implement innovative solutions that are aimed at assisting our client base in achieving their long term goals, whether it be streamlining project costs or providing new technologies.

Anova has the ability to provide an experienced and well trained workforce that can provide a wide range of in-house expertise including estimating, installation and commissioning, project management and quality assurance.

Our combined resources can be specifically structured to deliver a wide range of services accomplished under a single project management methodology. This method of bundling services if required will stream line your project timetable and deliver true cost savings.